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Professional tree pruning

We possess all relevant equipment to conduct a comprehensive range of pruning services across the Kent area ranging from crown lifting to pollarding. 

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Tree Pruning Kent

Tree Pruning Kent is a significant element of our business there is a variety of different types of tree pruning and reductions all of which serve a different purpose and produce individual results.

You may require tree pruning for many different reasons some of which are aesthetic, trees with crowded branches or limbs can begin to look unsightly and may even reduce the flow of sunlight to surrounding trees and plants. Other common reasons to prune larger trees will include the need to remove heavy and potentially dangerous branches.

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Tree Pruning Services

Using GW Tree Surgery & Stump Grinding ensures your tree pruning Kent is carried out safely and efficiently. Before any pruning commences, our qualified and skilled tree surgeons take the time to carry out a thorough risk assessment.

We asses each tree we prune, during this process our team take into account the size, variety and current condition of your tree. The way in which our Tree Surgeons cut the branches ensures your tree is protected from infection along with improving upon or maintaining the trees current shape.

Our team hold the relevant qualifications to ensure your tree is pruned without damage to the surrounding area. This is achieved by using all applicable safety tools (Ropes, Harnesses, Slings) which allow branches to be lowered safely to the ground.

Tree Crown Lifting Kent

Crown Lifting

This type of pruning is called for when an existing trees crown is low reasons include the tree is; obstructing your view, causing large shaded areas in your garden or if the tree is near a road or public byway a low crown may impede vehicles. The crown lifting process is relatively simple as the technique involves merely cutting away the lower branches this serves to lift the crown.

Tree Crown Reduction Kent

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a common task for our tree surgeons. However, this service is highly skilled work. The purpose of crown reduction is to reduce a combination of the height and spread of the existing tree crown. The process involves cutting away the ends of existing branches when performed well the tree crown will maintain its current shape. Crown reduction is an excellent way to manage the size of larger trees.

Tree Crown Thinning Kent

Crown Thinning

While not altering the overall shape of the tree crown thinning will reduce the load on the limbs of the tree by significantly decreasing wind resistance and weight. We often recommend crown thinning when dealing with a structurally weakened tree or if the tree in question is blocking light levels to the surrounding area. Activities include removing intertangled branches or limbs from the crown of the tree.

Tree Pollarding Kent


The Pollarding pruning process for many looks rather extreme, as it involves the primary stem of a young tree being removed to stimulate regrowth. This process is repeated regularly, which ultimately produces a dense and attractive canopy. The branches of the tree will remain thin making pollarding ideal for trees in towns as wind resistance, and shading is reduced while making the tree look more attractive.

Effective Tree Pruning

Using GW Tree Surgery & Stump Grinding ensures your tree will be pruned correctly and to the highest possible standards. Our courteous and reliable team will take the utmost care to avoid any damage to your property, all tree pruning Kent is carried out with the correct and proper safety equipment. Based in Ashford we provide tree pruning across the east Kent area including: Folkestone, Canterbury, Herne Bay, Whitstable and Faversham

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